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Seen above: A perfectly normal activity for a PPC consultant.

Let us help you grow your traffic inexpensively, bringing you "pre-qualified" potential customers who are searching for exactly what you're selling!

It keeps your cost-per-sale low, while still getting your product in front of thousands of potential customers.

And Josh's copywriting ability will help you turn those customers from "potential," into long-term paying.

Hi there!

     My name is Josh Johnson, and I'm a search engine marketing consultant specializing in Google Ads.

     My business partner Brody and I don't wear suits, and rarely set foot in an office. Despite that, we have over 25 years combined experience in PPC campaign management and writing copy professionally. In that time, we've worked for companies you can see on national TV and the Fortune 500.

For a low rate, we'll:

     Simply put, we're the self-styled internet marketing crew that big companies call in after they've wasted money on over-wrought website designs and poorly-built search engine marketing systems not focused on returning their investment.

     We're brought in through the back door to clean up the mess, and - through expert campaign building and optimization - to make their profit margins grow again in weeks, not months.

And now I want to work with you.

     No business is too small! I love my corporate clients, but I get real pleasure out of helping smaller businesses that are just getting started, and/or need help getting to that next level.

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Don't let the hair fool you - Brody knows way more about direct response marketing than he does about reggae music.

He builds ad campaigns that automate sales with minimal maintenance, so he has time for some weird hobbies.

     With the launch of our site,, I'm happy to announce pricing plans that make us affordable to almost any business.

     If you sell a product or service online, give us a call, and we'll provide a customized plan to boost your internet traffic and harness your search engine marketing (SEM) more profitably. We can achieve specific advertising goals, like lowering your Google Ads cost per click, or per conversion.

     We'll find mistakes that leave money on the table in your existing ad campaigns, even if they were built by non-weirdo professionals. And if you say the word, we'll implement our plans at a FAR lower cost than an in-house employee or a big ad company.

So what are you waiting for?

     Call 240-575-3681 now for your free consultation. We'll talk a little about your business, and what my partner and I can do for you.

     If I don't think I can build and optimize profitable PPC campaigns for you, getting you new customers for a price that you'll easily make back from my work, I'll tell you as much. No guilt, no pushy sales pitch, we'll part ways as friends.

     But I'm betting your business is like the hundreds of others I've helped over the last decade, so...

Take Your Business to the Next Level
With Veteran PPC Marketers Who Will Skyrocket Your Profitability
At Rates Designed so Practically ANY Business Can Afford Them!

     Why wait? Call 240-575-3681 right now for your free consultation.

     I look forward to speaking with you!

- Josh Johnson

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P.S. We are on the East Coast, but we're keeping West Coast-friendly hours. If we don't answer your call in person, please leave a detailed message and let us get back to you!

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